Fostering sustainable ocean prosperity in Atlantic Canada for 60 years.

About Us

Founded in 1964 in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Mersey Seafoods Limited is one of Atlantic Canada’s largest privately owned seafood companies, exporting to international markets around the world. Mersey owns a fleet of four large fishing vessels harvesting coldwater shrimp, offshore scallops and groundfish with a modern scallop processing facility in Liverpool, NS and a cold storage facility in Country Harbour, NS.

Related Companies

Our related companies have a long, impressive history in the seafood and marine repair sectors, sharing Mersey Seafoods' values.

Our Catch

Mersey Seafoods is committed to providing high quality, premium seafood from the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic.




Our related companies, Fisherman’s Market International Inc. and Scotia Harvest Inc. offer a wide variety of seafood.

Visit Fisherman’s Market to learn more about their extensive assortment of fresh, frozen, smoked and salted seafood including world-famous Atlantic lobster sold through their retail store, wholesale division and exported to customers around the world.

Visit Scotia Harvest to learn more their extensive offering which includes world-famous Digby scallops and a broad assortment of other species including haddock, redfish, halibut, cod and much more.

Vessels & Facilities

To learn more about our impressive fleet of vessels and modern land-based facilities.


At Mersey Seafoods, stewardship is one of our core values and guides everything we do.

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS)


As a family owned, multi-generational business with deep ties to the communities in which we operate and call home, Mersey Seafoods is committed to providing engaging and exciting career opportunities.

What our teammates have to say

"At Mersey, you’ll find yourself well-treated. I enjoy sailing with a strong captain and crew. I love it here."

Curtis Nickerson
    Curtis Nickerson

    Deckhand, Fortune Lady

    "Mersey is a good place to work, where people are friendly, and safety is of the highest importance.”

    Cody Weagle
      Cody Weagle

      Deckhand, Mersey Seven

      "It’s a family atmosphere at Mersey, where safety and quality are the priority. Mersey has a long history and is always moving forward."

      Quinten Roy
        Quinten Roy

        Captain, Mersey Venture

        "We focus on doing the right thing for the right reasons. We have a dedicated team with leadership committed to developing people and creating the right opportunities."

        Andrew Titus
          Andrew Titus

          Fleet Manager & former Captain, Mersey Phoenix

          "We are a family at Mersey. The commitment and support of senior management has been evident from day one."

          Debbie Allen
            Debbie Allen

            Production Manager, Scallop Plant